Improving employee well-being through Interior Wellness

Improving employee well-being through Interior Wellness

On average, we spend a third of our lives in the office. A third! That’s 1 in every 3 precious hours. It’s hardly surprising then, that due to the greater appreciation we have for our mental and physical well-being, wellness at work is becoming such a huge priority. And, as interior design has been proven to have such an impact on us, the design of offices has never been so important. A well-designed workspace not only results in happier, healthier, more productive and better performing employees – but is also a major factor in attracting and retaining the best candidates. 93% workers surveyed said they would stay longer at a company which provided a healthier workspace. There’s very little reason to resist getting on board.

So, if you’re looking at improving the ‘interior wellness’ of your office space, then what should you focus on? We break it down into 6 of the most important considerations.

Mix it up

Nobody likes slaving away at the same old desk for hours on end – it’s mind-numbing, bad for our health, and often incredibly unproductive. Instead, providing a choice of work environments means that staff have the opportunity to choose how and where to work. They can choose spaces that are most appropriate to the task at hand – whether it be a quiet space for uninterrupted working, an informal space for a team brainstorm, or simply a relaxing spot to take 5 and recharge.

Creating areas that foster collaboration can increase creativity, and quieter areas improve concentration and focus. Giving employees the freedom to choose also means that employees can manage their well-being far more effectively.

Promote movement and exercise

Humans evolved to be constantly moving. Unfortunately, the traditional office promotes the exact opposite.

Encouraging movement is vital. Layouts should encourage employees to take the stairs and walk throughout the building. Adaptable desks, which can be quickly converted from a standard ‘sitting’ height to a standing one, make a big difference as standing while working has huge health benefits.

We don’t all have the luxury of a gym at work – but offices that incorporate showers and bike storage actively encourage physical exercise. Games can be encouraged, too; table tennis tables are easily incorporated, and not only does a quick match get the heart rate up, but it fulfills another human need – socialisation.  

Bring it back to nature

The benefits of nature on health and well-being have been confirmed by numerous studies. Even the use of natural materials and finishes in interior design have very positive effects, and  being near plants provides a huge boost in mood. This has led to a huge rise in biophilic office design – or ‘bringing the outside in’ to workspaces. Those working in spaces with natural features reported an average 15% higher level of overall wellbeing, and feeling 6% more productive and 15% more creative.

Don’t keep employees in the dark

Maximising on natural light makes a huge difference. Not only does light from the sun improve mood, but it makes staff more productive. Staff seated near windows also report 84% less headaches and vision issues.

Keep it fresh

The air, that is. Air quality has a huge impact on employees, their health – and consequently their productivity. Increased fresh air and fewer pollutants have been shown to increase productivity by 11%. Air filtration systems help, but so does the good old open window. And yet another benefit of plants? They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Winner.

Embrace colour

We’ve blogged before about how colour can affect us, and there have been a lot of research on the psychology of colour in the workplace.

So choose colours wisely and reap the benefits. On the whole, more vivid colours are more stimulating whilst softer tones are far more calming, but it varies by the specific colour too. Before you grab your paintbrush, look into the shade that’ll work best.

Get arty

You may think of art in the workplace as a luxury. But not anymore. Studies show that displaying art in offices actually makes employees less stressed, more productive and increases their well-being.  

Wall murals are an incredibly adaptable form of art that don’t require any floor space. And they allow you to select the colours, subject and design that works best. Murals that represent a brand even increase the feeling of purpose and belonging.

When it comes to giving your office space a boost to increase staff wellness, it really is a win-win situation. The healthier and happier they are, the better they’ll perform – and the less likely they are to call in sick or leave for pastures new. Something as simple as design of your interior spaces can really do all that – and it’ll look great too. So what are you waiting for?  

If you’re interested in discussing a custom-designed mural for your office space, then at Wall Nuts, we’d love to chat it through with you.