Is it time for an office makeover?

Is it time for an office makeover?

We’ve all heard of the expression “first impressions count” and that certainly applies when stepping into an office space.

By carefully considering how your physical space impacts on those that interact with it can undoubtedly give you the edge over your competitors. It can aid you in establishing and maintaining strong, professional relationships and loyal employees and customers. 


If your company has a reception area; not only will employees pass through, but customers, suppliers and prospective employees may do too. Thinking about what “experience” you want to give people when they step into and interact with the reception area is a good starting point. Treat it as your shop front and remember to always reflect your outbound marketing for brand consistency.


Office spaces and the people that work within have changed significantly over the years, so too has the demand to create a must have culture. With the likes of Google and LinkedIn leading the way in terms of creating a workplace which is fun and full of colour in order to help attract and retain their staff. Of course, not everyone can be Google and such like, but you can inject some fun and colour into your office space whilst making sure you conform to brand guidelines too.

In order to boost productivity and keep employees motivated, a multi-purpose space could be created which caters for everyone whilst they are away from their desk. Recognising that although some people like to play or exercise and some like to read and browse on their phones, others just like to chill out. One thing is for sure though; an office break-out area shouldn’t be boring! 


Sometimes it can be difficult in a modern open-plan office to see where one department ends and the next starts. Thinking about how feature walls could be designed around departments can help educate and inspire your employees and by involving each “team” in the creative process it can also help to motivate them too. After all, the more your employees feel like part of the fabric of the place they work, the more they’ll fully engage with the core values and naturally over time they’ll become more productive.


A meeting room is a great place to showcase your brand, products and services. Depending on what line of business you are in, it can form a great talking point especially when trying to land that dream client. Using your company history is also a great way of visually telling your story.


Remember, however you and others interact with your workspace if it’s authentic and inspiring it’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! 

We wrote a more about improving employee wellbeing through interior wellness in a previous blog. For help and advice on how a bespoke wall mural can help to transform your workspace please contact Wall Nuts.