OFFICE WALL MURAL? Write the perfect design brief.

OFFICE WALL MURAL? Write the perfect design brief.

A comprehensive design brief is vital to providing the designer with all the information needed to exceed your expectations.

Whether you have envisaged something in your head or not, the design brief holds the key to unlock that perfect design. An effective brief is the most critical factor in ensuring a successful project.

Here are our recommendations for COMMERCIAL OFFICES.

What is a design brief?

Firstly, you may want to know exactly what a design brief is. A design brief is specific information given to a designer that focusses primarily the what you want to achieve with the design. It should not attempt to deal with the aesthetics of the design as that is the designer’s responsibility.

The design brief also allows you (the client) to focus on what it is you want to achieve.

How to write an effective design brief for a wall mural in your office space

If you answer the below questions in an ordered and detailed fashion, you will have almost created your design brief … further questions are often covered after this information has been received.

Have fun and remember to provide as much detail as possible. Preferably more than one-line answers!

Sometimes it can be difficult in a modern open-plan office to see where one department ends and the next starts. Thinking about how feature walls could be designed around departments can help educate and inspire your employees and by involving each “team” in the creative process it can also help to motivate them too. After all, the more your employees feel like part of the fabric of the place they work, the more they’ll fully engage with the core values and naturally over time they’ll become more productive.

TIP! You are the experts of your business. Never assume that we know everything there is to know. Be clear, concise and avoid jargon.

• What does your business / company / organisation do? 
• What is your company’s history 
• What is the background to the brief (give a thorough overview)

TIP! Be specific on what it is you are looking to achieve.

• What is the overall objective of the project? and Why? 
• What do you want to communicate? and Why?


• Who are your competitors?
• How do you differ from them?
• What does your your current branding look like?

TIP! Provide any relevant examples and information here.

TIP! If you have multiple audiences, rank them in order of importance relevant to the specific project.

• Who are you aiming this piece of work at? and Why?
• How do you want them to respond to the finished design? (think about how you want them to feel too)


• Are there any mandatory elements which must be considered within the design? 

TIP! Clearly state what they are and who is providing these.


• Provide examples of what you consider to be effective or relevant design (even if from competitors). This sets a benchmark for us.
• Include your likes and dislikes / things not to do and styles you simply don’t want to see in your design. This will avoid disappointment on your behalf!

TIP! If you can clarify your budget beforehand this will avoid any misunderstandings later. It also acts as a resource when trying to maximise your budget.  

• What is your budget? (please specify if you have one)

TIP! If you have a specific deadline / timescale it is helpful to include that in your design brief.

We hope this helps to guide you through the core information we would ideally look to receive during our briefing process. Aside from this, we would also discuss with you wall size and location and the various fulfilment options including choice of material and finishes as well as hand painted options. All of which would be obtained during a pre-arranged verbal briefing session and on-site survey.

To conclude

A clear design brief should be inspiring, yet precise. It’s worth putting in the effort as a good brief will make sure you get the most you possibly can out of your investment.

If you would like any more information or to discuss your unique feature wall, then speak to Wall Nuts – specialists in bespoke murals.