5 signs it’s time to update your business office design

5 signs it’s time to update your business office design

Does your workspace reflect your company culture and exude your brand image? Has your branding evolved over the years? Successful business owners recognise the importance of brand building and fostering a unified and positive reflection of their businesses fundamental values in all they do. Yes, the product or service you provide is of vital importance but cultivating your brand is an element you cannot afford to ignore.

So when is it time to update the design of your office space?

1) Have you recently re-branded?

There are numerous reasons why you might be changing or have already changed the image of your business, and as part of the journey, no doubt your outbound marketing activity will have increased significantly. Ensuring that your office design matches your outbound persona is of upmost importance. If you overlook the significance of how your office design impacts both those that work within as well as those that visit (such as that dream client or that potential new recruit) then you run the risk of contradicting all that hard work which you’ve done and money spent thus far in rebranding.

Placing company branding throughout the design of an office space is a great way to help staff feel more involved with the overall vision of the company. It’s also a sure way to impress upon clients and onlookers that yours is a professional business with strong values.

We’re not talking just a logo on the wall here, we’re talking about how you can convey your culture through an immersive working environment.

2) Are your staff complaining?

The physical space in which you and your staff work in can have such an impact on day to day wellbeing. Who wants to work in a space that’s bland, unmotivating and uninspiring? Employee wellbeing which we wrote about in a previous blog is a hot topic nowadays, but possibly even more so post Covid-19. Certainly, if your employees are voicing their concerns it might be time to look at how a space planning service could re-design and create a space that employees feel comfortable and are motivated to succeed in. 

If staff are constantly complaining about their working environment, it’s possible that they might seek employment elsewhere which could ultimately result in you losing a skilled or valued employee.

3) Is your office décor just simply out of date?

First impressions count! If your office looks out of date it can impact the perception of anyone who enters your office. The image your business portrays goes beyond how you market outwardly. By taking a step back and looking at the whole space you can consider what impression you are creating for those that work in, and visit your office. You might want to look at the psychology of colour and how to improve the productivity and wellbeing of your employees too. For instance ergonomic chairs and accessories can also make a significant difference.

Today’s savvy business owners are realising the benefits of providing a well branded and thought out workspace. Showing their customers that their business is well established and committed to the future.

4) Is workplace productivity suffering?

Poor productivity can have numerous root causes. One of which can be down to the design of the office space you work in. Who likes to sit and look at whitewash walls day in day out? By using the wall space to its maximum potential, you can motivate, inspire and educate whilst reflecting your company’s values. Developing an immersive environment not only creates a space that current employees want to be in but it gives you the potential to attract new employees that are totally right for your business because they will be able to ‘feel and see’ the culture just by stepping in to the place.

5) Are you changing location?

You may be moving premises, perhaps to reach new markets and improve revenue. You may have chosen to downsize and accommodate a more flexible way of working. Studies have found that post Covid-19, agile working is the future and a great way of future proofing your business. Quite how the office environment will evolve though following the years post lockdown isn’t certain. However with many businesses adopting this format it is key to consider how your office décor meets the needs of those that use it. For instance; you might want to create a hub to encourage creativity and collaborations. In which case a creative wall is sure to get the ideas and energy flowing.

All that said, maintaining a professional and presentable workspace is imperative and key to the image of any self-respecting business. Whether it be for a potential client, a new starter, or first impressions for someone walking in your office, you have the ability to greatly influence their overall response to your business as a whole. By evoking the desired feelings, you can make sure your business thrives on a number of levels:

• by nurturing employees’ emotional and physical wellness
• by constituting a higher level of productivity and engagement
• by boosting staff morale
• by working towards a high level of staff retention – happy employees stay!
• by encouraging improved communication and collaboration

For more information on how Wall-Nuts can help you turn a blank wall in to a wall with meaning and purpose that reflects your brand and tells your story please get in touch